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Question of the Day

Should the Miami Valley offer to take in the unaccompanied children from the Mexican border?

11.23% YES
88.76% NO

Comment: There's too many problems in Dayton that need to be addressed before we take on these children from Huber Heights, OH by Nicole

Comment: Let's take care of our own needy children, veterans, and others in the Miami Valley before opening our doors to illegal aliens. from Dayton, OH by Kate

Comment: Absolutely NOT!! We have to many children here that needs are help!! America needs to take care of there own before we continue helping all of these immigrants!! This is ridiculous!! from Ohio by Nikki

Comment: Absolutely not. We have hundreds of homeless veterans and American citizens in shelters that we should be taking care of first! from Kettering, OH by Carol

Comment: As everyone knows, we have our own right here in the Miami Valley that we cannot take care of... from Carlisle, Ohio by Tonia

Comment: We have enough issues here in our own state. We have homeless, and hungry people here we need to take care of. Plus they have broken the law by coming here illegally. from Xenia, OH by Angie

Comment: we have enough here already from eaton, ohio by robert

Comment: I have mixed feelings on this subject. I guess it's according to how old the child is. If they are close to 18, I say no. If they are small, they need somewhere to stay and no child should be without a place to live. from Brookville OH by Terry

Comment: This will only further empower the movement to cross the boarder. This country has to stop all negotiations with illegals and terrorists. US Army Soldier from Dayton, ohio

Comment: Dayton has enough of its own issues to resolve. Adding unemployed young illegal aliens is not the same Mayor Gary Lietzell's plan to invite productive immigrants who might have added to our economy. from Springboro Montg Co. OH by Donald

Comment: Their own parents are responsible for the child(s)and his/her welfare. NOT THE US WELFARE SYSTEM!! from Beavercreek, OH by Celeste

Comment: We should provide the necessities until they are returned to their homeland. They are illegal aliens not immigrants from Dayton by Sue

Comment: From a newly retired Ohio public school teacher...any questions from Dayton , Ohio by Victoria

Comment: Because they are children, and it's the right thing to do. from Piqua, Ohio by Tammy

Comment: No Way!!!!!!!!!!!! from West Milton by Jill

Comment: Yes, and they should all stay at Nan Whaleys house !!! from Dayton, Ohio by Rhine Mclin

Comment: What does public opinion have to do with disregarding or ignoring the RULE OF LAW?\ What next? Throw grandma and grandpa out of the family farm-house (because it has 5 bedrooms and they don't need that), by POPULAR DECISION and...let's say...give that space to people who are criminally trespassing here? What the HECK is America thinking??? from Wapakoneta, OH by Matt

Comment: Helllllll no! from Troy Oh by Jeff

Comment: I'd take them in so that I could collect welfare on them. from Xenia, Ohio by H. Keith Devers

Comment: It's obvious that we can't even feed our own! Compassion is nice, but, C'mon! from Dayton, OH by Bob

Comment: Why do the Democrats keep calling illegal aliens "immigrants"?!!! The reason is obvious to the most casual observer. from Dayton, OH by Evan

Comment: Let Nan Whaley take in at least 2 children and care for them out of her personal finances. Then others may follow. from New Carlisle, OH by David

Comment: Dayton has enough problems and financial difficulties to deal with from dayton by Raymond

Comment: So we are the only country on this earth to help these people? from Tipp City by Denny

Comment: From the pictures I've seen, some of the "children" are obviously adults. And without voter ID, they are free to vote. Is this the plan? from Dayton, Ohio by Paul

Comment: We are a nation of immigrants and should be open to children are subjected to prostitution, child labor,etc. The people wawanting to kick them out are the same folks who want to protect a zygote. from Centerville, Ohio by Mike

Comment: NO! NO! NO! We are taxed way too much now for the little we get in return. Will she have them stay in her house and she pay for everything for their health and well being? And we've learned these past 6 years when the government makes a promise, it's a guarantee they're lying. from Vandalia OH by Margorie

Comment: There are people in Dayton that are unemployed and are at poverty level. Why would we bring more people and make it worse? Especially illegal immigrants! from Huber Heights, Ohio by Dana

Comment: Dayton's mayor should worry about fixing the problems at home in Dayton, not worrying about towing the proverbial democratic line... from Avondale, AZ by Garrett

Comment: No. Children or not, illegals are illegals; which means criminals. Enforce the laws and send them back. from Xenia by Cristian

Comment: I think it would be great if the United States could afford to take care of all children, but I think we should take care of the children of the United States before we take on other country's children. from Ohio by Cheryl

Comment: Why the mayor would call for this is beyond stupid. Where is the money going to come from? Now, if churches or charities (even individuals) want to sponsor someone, I have no problem with that. However, just busing illegal aliens into our community when we don't have the resources is ridiculous. from Miami Township, Ohio by Dave

Comment: Dayton has children of its own that go hungry. Let's feed and care for our own! from West Alexandria by Debbie

Comment: These kids are here Illegally and should be sent home. from Fairborn by Dave

Comment: She offered to house illegal immigrants in our city. Which word immediately jumps out at you? from Dayton Ohio by Jeff

Comment: First off I do feel for these children, but we have enough people in our Country including Military who are struggling to make ends meet. We can't even take care of our own. These kids may have diseases they've carried in here and some may already be in the MS13 gang. I don't want that in my backyard. from Ohio by Marie

Comment: There is enough unrest in Dayton now. from Troy/Ohio by Sandy

Comment: I'm wandering if mayor Whaley is at all in touch with the wants of her constituents. from Daugherty by Randy

Comment: We should send them back from Dayton by Jane

Comment: It sends the wrong message they need to be returned asap if its as hard to get here as they claim and are returned as fast as they arrive they will stop coming. from Ohio by Rick

Comment: Although I am empathetic for any child, our government was originally founded for one purpose and only one... to protect our borers. To date, they do everything BUT that. I would love to see a true patriot in the white house, no matter what the party. from Miamisburg OH by Karen

Comment: is she willing to feed and clothe them, or is she gonna gripe about it later, after the money has been spent to do this ,if it happens from Dayton ohio by Toni

Comment: Send them back home to their parents. They're using their children to gain legal access. This is not our problem. Whaley needs to focus on our issues. from Vandalia/OH by Tom

Comment: Send them all back and take care of our own! from lewisburg ohio by susi

Comment: I say everybody that voted yes they should take them to their house and they can cloth feed and house them.If they are not willing to pony up their personal money to support them then send them to all the politicians who a whining about how we need to take care of them.They are criminals for crossing the border illegally.So they need to be treated like criminals from used to be America by Silence Dogood

Comment: we should worry about our own Americans first from huber heights by stephanie

Comment: looks like Obama does't care but we the poeple should use our boarder controls much more to keep them out from dayton by stephanie

Comment: we as a community don't take care of our own kids. violating our laws should never be justified or tolerated. from dayton ohio by ron

Comment: We have a lot of issues that need to be addressed before we can take care of new problems. If we can identify places to house immigrants why can't,l we help our homeless from Beavercreek oh by Donna

Comment: We do not have the ability to care for our own children in regards to food, education and health. Why do we want to spread even more problems on our legal citizens? Enough is enough, we can't fix everybody's problems an longer. from Troy, Ohio by Steve

Comment: It's our tax money, spend it on our people, our country. They enter illeaglly, they should be deported. from Vandalia, Ohio by Tom

Comment: We are no longer a haven for illegals but we now are to become their caretakers? Nan Wales needs impeached with Obama. from Tipp City, Ohio by Karen

Comment: Let's support our own people. from Kettering , Ohio by Doug

Comment: Just what Dayton needs, another fool in the mayors office. Wasn't McLin enough misguidance? from Huber Heights, Ohio by Carol Ann

Comment: No! We have children here that need help. I wish the government would pay for my housing, healthcare and food. Obama plans to put these children all over the country and then say they can stay without deporting them. I pay enough taxes without supporting illegal immigrants. from Springboro Oh by Mary

Comment: we have enough to worry about,just say no to any non amercan from springfield,ono by mike

Comment: We don't have money for the people who live here now, let alone illegal immigrants. from Huber Heights, Oh by Traci

Comment: Absolutely not! Nan Whaley was elected to work and improve current economic and social challenges facing Dayton. I now doubt her leadership, credibility & judgement as she expends taxpayer time & resources on priorities other than that which may directly aid the local children, families and veterans of Dayton. from Dayton, Ohio by Lisa

Comment: Absolutely NOT...who is going to support them? Are they healthy? Why would we do that when we cannot even take care of all the unemployed in Dayton ?!! from Dayton, OH by Michael

Comment: Too much poverty and who is going to pay? But what a wonderful dream and how amazing in Whaley. GAG! by Deb

Comment: we need help at home the don't help Dayton !!!!!!!! from springfield by jro

Comment: we need to take care of our own problems in the city before we add to them. from Dayton, Ohio by Donna Brooks

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