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Question of the Day

Do you think Ohio should have a Stand Your Ground law?

97.89% YES
2.1% NO

Comment: With the small amount of police officers and the large amount of crime you need to be able to protect yourself. from Dayton/Ohio by Bethany

Comment: Yes!!! I do not think I should have to run away from or avoid danger to portect myself of my family. Knowing I have to back down gives the criminals the power. Give the power back to the law abiding gun owners. An armed citizen IS a first responder. from Greenville, Ohio by Bruce

Comment: You should never have to back down from threat. You should be able to protect your territory. The right to bear arms was not meant to carry them and then run in fear when confronted. It is a constitutional law that enables us to shoot someone threatening our lives or property. Our system has stripped part of the constitution and our rights. from Columbus, Ohio by Robert

Comment: If I am unable to leave the scene that may cause me or mine bodily harm, then I should be able to defend myself with whatever means available. from West Carrollton, OH by Tony

Comment: No state should have stand your ground laws!!! It's ridiculous! from St. Louis by Kim

Comment: Its your prpwrty from bellefontaine ohio by jim

Comment: This is why there is a concealed carry law. It's called defending yourself. Carry a gun, stand your ground, neutralize the perp. from sunny, downtown Fairborn by the ol' Man

Comment: It protects honest people from undo stress after already being a victim. from Franklin/Ohio by Sandy

Comment: Leave the burden of proof on the bad guy, not the victim from Powell, OH by Chris

Comment: The bill under consideration in Ohio removes duty to retreat when being attacked. Standard self defense rules will still apply and anything else being claimed is just anti freedom crusader and media hyped nonsense. It's assinine to require a person to think about running when they are being raped or getting their head smashed in by a thug. Castle Doctrine already fixed this in the home or vehicle. It should apply to any place a person has a legal right to be. Self defense is a god given right. It's past time for Ohio to fix this. from Port Clinton OH by John

Comment: A stand your ground law is long overdue in Ohio from Columbus,Oh by Dustin

Comment: Most certainly, a law abiding person should be able to defend themselves anywhere they can legally be. Note: I lived in Ohio for 33 years before retiring from now Charlottesville, VA was Stow,OH by Alan

Comment: This is common sense legislation that is needed! from Grove City,Oh by Holly

Comment: There is a natural right to self defense no matter where you are! Ohio absolutely needs to give law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves while they are living their daily lives. Law abiding citizens are not the problem therefore they should be able to defend themselves wherever they have the right to be. Criminals are the problem and they will not respect the anti-gun laws that make law abiding citizens helpless! Yes! Ohio needs Stand Your Ground!! from Akron, Ohio by Robert

Comment: Stand your ground (SYG) is not a so called "license to kill". And the Zimmermann case had nothing to do with SYG as it was never brought up by the defense. from Hamilton Twp, OH by Mark

Comment: Absolutely. The best way to elicit a response from a predator is to turn your back and retreat. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the "stand your ground" concept but when faced with a deadly threat running away can get you killed. from Verona, KY by Mark

Comment: Stand your ground says one thing to criminals or those who would do you harm,it says "not in my state"! from Toledo/Ohio by Bruce

Comment: Absolutely. Everyone has a natural right to defend his or her life from legitimate danger REGARDLESS of where an attack takes place. from Conneaut, OH by Dave

Comment: Fight force with force. Most of the time-they will flee from Troy/OH by Dave

Comment: I should not be considered guilty of homicide until I can prove myself innocent if I have to defend myself, such as is the case under current Ohio law. This law does not change anything about the threshhold for using lethal force - only how the prosecution must treat me afterwards. from Defiance, OH by Chris

Comment: Still? The question for everyone who thinks GZ is "guilty of something" but doesn't understand what SYG really is. GZ's case had nothing to do with SYG. His defense was that he was on his back, after being attacked from behind. This is self defense. SYG has nothing to do with killing someone, or even using physical force. It's a matter of not having a "duty to retreat" when met with a threat. Self defense is using force to defend yourself when you feel your life is in danger -- GZ's whole defense. The alternative was that he outright murdered TM in cold blood. Again, NOTHING to do with SYG. from Ohio by Buzz

Comment: Everyone deserve the right to defend themselves and not have to run and HOPE they can hide! from wickliffe, oh by Joe

Comment: Keeping people from the ability to defend themselves from criminals is illogical. from Cleveland, OH by Jefferson

Comment: I feel much more comfortable visiting the state of Ohio with this law in place. from Mount Pulaski, IL by Michael

Comment: YES! Absolutely without a doubt, this is necessary. Criminals aren't going to give up their weapons as well they could care less about the law. We need to have a right to defend ourselves and our kids. from West Carrollton, OH by Winona

Comment: Yes, right to defend yourself from Toledo OH by James

Comment: God gives each of us a right to self defense. Who could possibly be against protecting one's self and one's family? from St. Louis, MO by Matthew

Comment: absolutely yes it is insane to think the law says you must run and hide from a criminal that threatens you...remember when SECONDS count cops are only minutes away! from miamisburg by MM

Comment: I want to be reconised that we need to be aloud to claim our right to defend ourselves. from Springfield Ohio by Lois

Comment: People deserve the right to defend themselves. from Springfield/Ohio by Steve

Comment: It will make Ohio a safer place Why should I have to retreat if I am attacked? from eaton ohio by Jim

Comment: You should not have a duty to turn your back and retreat if you or your family is threatened with great injury or death. from franklin oh by matt

Comment: This law will make Ohio a safer place to live. from Miamisburg/Ohio by Joe

Comment: We live in a civilized society. I do not want to go back to the wild west. Stand your ground gives people who are paranoid an pass on killing someone. from Centerville, OH by Richard

Comment: we need to protect our 2nd admendment right to bear arms not let them disarm the us citizens from franklin,ohio by David

Comment: Its my God Given and CONSTITUTIONAL right to protect not only myself...but my family... from Troy Ohio by Jacci

Comment: not having laws like that makes it against the law to stand up for ourselves, criminals don't care about laws and honest people pay the price without laws like this and the castle law from dayton by darrell

Comment: I believe in a clear definition of self defense and the protection from penalty if I find myself in a situation where I am required to use deadly force. I believe this will deter criminal acts from Toledo OH by Phil

Comment: Damn right we do. from toledo by Mitch

Comment: I refuse to be a victim. from Johnstown, Ohio by Tom

Comment: Absolutely! from Columbus, Ohio by David

Comment: Without 'Stand Your Ground', the law presumes that a violent attacker has more right to be in a public space than his victim. from Mason, OH by Theo Brinkman

Comment: Everyone ought to have the GOD given right to protect yourself & family....... from New Carlisle, Ohio by Bill

Comment: Duty to retreat is flawed.I can't run as fast backwards as an attacker can forward, and I refuse to turn my back on an attacker. Nor can I outrun a bullet . from Troy Ohio by Lou

Comment: Evens out the balance between law abiding and law breaker. from Cincinnati / OH by Tom

Comment: I am very tired of criminals having more rights than law- abiding citizens. Stand Your Ground is how it always should have been. from Conneaut, OH by Roger

Comment: stand your ground is common-sense legislation...

Comment: Being a former police officer, I think we should. from Riverside, Ohio by Glen

Comment: I think so and support it. from Westerville, OH by Marc

Comment: Why should I have to run? I'm not the bad guy. from Stone Creek Oh by John

Comment: Yes, having to prove that you attempted to flee and couldn't when a criminal attacked you while defending your life. Is an unjust burden to put on the victim. It's not a license to kill. from Columbus, OH by Dee

Comment: I'm not big on getting shot in the back trying to run away! from findlay, OH by mark

Comment: Why should I have to flee from someone who wants to hurt me? from Jackson Center, OH by Jim

Comment: I shouldn't have to make the split second choice that if I turn my back, will I live or die? from Dayton, OH by Ty

Comment: YES from springfield by jor

Comment: none from Hinckley, Ohio by Greg

Comment: YES from springfield oh by jro

Comment: This law will level the playing field. There are many laws protecting the rights of criminals. It's about time there's some laws like Castle, CCW, and now Stand your ground that protects the noncriminals. from Troy, Ohio by Max

Comment: The Black Caucus is claiming the Florida Stand Your Ground Law led to GZ being found innocent. That is patently FALSE! The SYG was NOT a factor in the case and was NOT brought up by the Prosecution nor the Defense! from Dayton, OH by Ron

Comment: My state (Ohio) should indeed have this type of law. from Hamilton, OH by Daniel

Comment: No person who STARTS a confrontation, as I believe GZ did, should be able to hide behind SYG... but there are cases where a person could be in fear for their life and NOT see an avenue of escape that a prosecutor may dream up AFTER the fact, causing an otherwise good, decent person to end up in prison jor life... from Kuz by Bri

Comment: Yes! Stand your ground is a perfect, common sense law for law abiding citizens to protect themselves from criminals who ignore all gun laws anyway. Police will not get there to save you in time! Law abiding citizens must take personal responsibility for their own safety and this bill is the perfect solution! from Akron, Ohio by Robert

Comment: I was born with the right to life. I was also born with the right to protect it! Pass Stand Your Ground Law, Now! from Ohio by Robert

Comment: Inventing legal hoops (duty to retreat) that crime victims must jump through before defending their life from a life threatening attack is bad law. Why force the victims to retreat. Let them force the criminal to retreat. from Stronsgsville OH by Jim

Comment: Absent 'Stand Your Ground', the law presumes that a violent assailant has more right to be in a public space than does his victim. from Mason, OH by Theo Brinkman

Comment: The burden of proof for self defense should be on the bad guy, not the victim. from Powell, OH by CJ

Comment: if the president doesn't have to run and hide why should I. from Toledo/ohio by Brian

Comment: Everyone should have DISTINCT rights of self preservation in the event of adversity. If I am attacked I should be BACKED UP BY THE LAW as someone who is LEGALLY ENCOURAGED to "stand their ground". from Ohio / Lorain by Jason McDougal

Comment: Yes, the burden of proof should be on the bad guy, not the victim. from Powell, OH by Lena

Comment: Buckeyes Suck! from Ann Arbor by John

Comment: You should not have to be afraid of defending yourself. from Riverside OH by Rudy

Comment: We need to move away from the wild, wild west mentality and create an environment not dependent on a saturation of deadly weapons. from Dayton Oh by Val

Comment: The way things been going these days w/shootings, there There will be alot more murders. Remember,dead man can't speak and they'll get away w/it like that a-hole in Florida. from eaton,oh by shari

Comment: Yes, this will help address the true cause of violence. from Port Clinton, OH by Michael

Comment: yes, but only because society has become so litigious. people cant think or do the right thing for themselves anymore. from Galt, CA by John

Comment: So called stand your ground laws are intentionally mis- characterized in the media. from Middletown/Oh by Tony

Comment: When it comes to defending yourself there should be no places with a duty to retreat as long as we are allowed to be there from Mineral City Ohio by John Torker

Comment: We were all created with the right not to be killed. If anyone tries to take the right away from someone, they lose their right not to be killed... from Columbus, OH by Rick

Comment: No requirement to retreat, let the criminals retreat. from Houston, Tx. by Henry

Comment: proven to be a good thing from medina ohio by russ

Comment: We are still obliged to retreat if possible. SYG simply means that the Prosecution has to prove that we didn't, rather than us having to prove that we couldn't. It's not a free pass, but it can limit the political aspirations of an over-zealous prosecutor or Judge. from Youngstown OH by Stu

Comment: Evil can strike anytime, anywhere ... a lesson I learned early and well as a police officer. Citizens need the legal protection of the SYG. from Lagrange, OH by Will

Comment: As a very junior police officer, I learned early and well that evil strikes anytime, anywhere. It is the honest citizen who needs the protection of the law. I see SYG as necessary for the protection of the honest citizen. It is not a license to kill, it is not an open- season on folk you don't like, it is legal protection for those who are doing nothing wrong. from Lagrange, OH by Will

Comment: Thought we already did

Comment: Always having to retreat from criminals threatening death and bodily harm means the criminals win and the law abiding cower and lose from Cleveland, OH by Dale

Comment: If you don't think you want it, you probably don't understand it... from Northfield/OH by Steve

Comment: Criminals should be scared to walk the streets, not law abiding citizens! from Newark Ohio by Aaron

Comment: "Stand Your Ground" laws give the law abiding citizen every possible advantage during a deadly attack. They PROTECT people from the kind of politically motivated headhunting that was so evident during the Martin/Zimmerman trial. from Kingsland, GA by Brad

Comment: Self-defense is a right for everyone. Even those who cannot always run away from trouble-elderly, handicapped, weak from Mason, OH

Comment: Law abiding citizens should not be required to run from a bad guy. from Lincoln, NE by Jim

Comment: This would remove the burden to prove that I did not do something wrong. from Middletown, Ohio by Charles

Comment: Current law is quite onerous and quite complicated. SYG helps make the law easy for most to understand and comply with. from circleville by brandon

Comment: It's are right from Groveport,Ohio by Mike

Comment: The duty to retreat favors the attacker not the victim. Any attack should be met with immediate resistance. from Chardon, ohio by Mike

Comment: I think every body has the right of self defence no matter where you are. from Trenton Ohio by Robert

Comment: It is long overdue from Columbus,Oh by Dennis

Comment: Law abiding citizens should have a right to defend themselves and their families. from Brunswick, Ohio by John

Comment: Yes. This is a common sense law. from Lebanon by Bill

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