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Question of the Day

Do you agree with Obama's proposed changes to the nation's gun laws?

14.52% AGREE

Comment: there is many other things he needs to fix leave the guns alone from sringfield oh. by matt

Comment: another example of the Fed Govt infringing upon our rights, just enforce the gun laws already on the books, what will be the next grab on individual rights? from Centerville, Oh by Jerry

Comment: Criminals do not obey laws thus the reason they are called criminals It's nice to know the government takes satisfaction in disarming law abiding citizens.The only thing they care about is power and control they and without arms your are left defenseless Molon Labe from my cold dead hands Typical Chicago politics ask the people there how well gun control works Its a good thing the press gets a pass prosecute David Gregory he broke the law on national television from ussa formerly America by FED UP

Comment: Yes , he's not banning all guns, just those that mass kill in short time. Why would anyone need a gun that kills so many people. from Dayton/OH by pamela

Comment: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I am a responsible gun owner and the people who own firearms should not be punished for the misdeeds of a psychopath from Dayton/OH by John

Comment: Wow I feel safer already. That's sarcasm if you didn't know.So when to I get my own secret service detail on the taxpayers dime .I'm sorry Barrack Hussein Obama. But as far as I'm concerned my life is just as important as you think yous is. WILL NOT COMPLY from U.S.A by Actually born in America

Comment: What happened with Fast and Furious.I guess those innocent lives mean nothing when it's the government illegally selling guns to the Mexican cartels . Nice to see the media sweep that under the rug.what happened with the muslom that killed military men on a federal installation from clayton by had enough

Comment: We have a Constitution to protect us from people like Obama. I hope our reps in Washington uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic! Defund this reckless president and his radical policies from Beavercreek by Rick

Comment: No. While some may seem like it is a good idea, the fact is he has failed to enforce the laws we have. While he had his own people walk for illegal gun sales to drug dealers and refuses to enforce the federal laws and charge those who fail the background checks now, then what good are more laws? from Beavercreek OH by Quentin

Comment: These measures have been proven not to work. We need CRIMINAL CONTROL not Gun Control. from New Carlisle, Ohio by Kevin

Comment: This is only limited the protection that law abiding citizens have and giving criminals the upper hand. It's not the correct course of action. from Englewood, Ohio by Jon Landis

Comment: obama has no authority to do anything. the preamble to the bill of rights makes it VERY CLEAR, the bill of rights doesnt grant rights, it bans the government from infringing on the listed rights that existed prior to the constitution. Preamble to the Bill of Rights "Congress of the United States begun and held at the City of New York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. The Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution expressed a desire in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several states as Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all or any of which articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures to be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the said Constitution. viz. Articles in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress and Ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution." the key phrase is """""" a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution expressed a desire in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added"""" the government is prohibited by the 2nd amendment from infringing on the right to bare arms. from middletown ohio by wayne

Comment: Until Obama explains his administration actions with "Fast and Furious" and providing guns to drug cartels he is in no position to tell the American people what must be done to keep our streets safe. from Beavercreek OH by Tim

Comment: Stricter rules won't stop violence. Those set on commiting crimes will just buy black market guns. I doubt law emforcement have had a break and found a criminal through his gun registry. from Kettering by Frank

Comment: America was changed forever by terrorists wielding boxcutters, proof that guns are not needed for crazies to commit unspeakable crimes. They will find a way. People's value of life is what causes violent crime, not guns. from Kettering/Ohio by Brian

Comment: This will only make good citizens criminals. Legal business's will suffer and the black market will grow. Criminals do not abide by the laws we now have and they will not abide by new laws. from Union Ohio by Ed Volk

Comment: No long gun was used in Sandy Hook elementary school, only hand guns. Why is the focus on assault weapons? Smells fishy. from Dayton Ohio by Barb

Comment: Second amendment was not included to preserve one's right to hunt. Nor was it really even meant as a deterrent against crime (though it works for that). It was intended to arm citizens against a tyrannical government. Just like tyranny to want to remove that right! from Dayton Ohio by Kris

Comment: If the assault weapons ban worked, Columbine never would have happened. If gun control worked, you should be able to tell people how safe Chicago is. If guns weren't effective at stopping bad guys, cops wouldn't carry them. from West Carrollton by David

Comment: They solve nothing and is another power grab for this president. When are people going to understand this man has no intention of doing anything that will help this country. from Moaraine by David

Comment: He is just punishing law abiding citizens. Criminals will still get guns. This will prevent normal people from properly protecting themselves. Mental illness needs to be assessed, not guns. from Kettering OH by Beth

Comment: We never hera Big News Stories , about the tens and tens and tens of MILLIONS of american gun owners that DIDN'T commit a mass shooting, each year. We only hera about the handful of mentally-ill people that DO. I DO agree that background-checks could be more stringent. however; thats no assurance that people that have obtained fire-arms legally won't "Become" mentally-ill in the future. Sadly there is a risk and COST for a free society. from Dayton Ohio by John Q. Public

Comment: The president hasn't been right yet. I can't believe he is in a second term. This will be the best thing for the people who kill people for no reason. from Fairborn, Ohio by Mark


Comment: Why you ask why somebody would need a firearm like that is the same reason you need a car that can exceed the speed limit It's called freedom from federalist by thomas j

Comment: it's a typical knee jerk reactions, for our inexperience leader in Washington. they banded these weapons before and it made no difference. All he is doing is making the criminals richer, by charging more for illegal weapons. Than they will be able to buy more drugs to put on our streets. from Huber Heights by David Gordon

Comment: Didn't we learn anything from Prohibition. An experiment that went terribly wrong. A group of people who had a certain agenda. Forced there beliefs on everyone else. And in turn it led to honest American citizens being turned into criminals and opened the door for organized crime. By forcing more and tighter controls, where will this road take us. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. Think about it! from Miamisburg, Ohio by Richard

Comment: obama is a president not our king or dictator the people of the usa have the right to bear arms as per our constitution..once again taking guns from law abiding citizens will never slow crime in our nation.criminals dont obey laws.people need to use common sence witch is something we seem to be lacking nowadays.the second ammendment is for personal protection as well as protecting us from a corrupt goverment.. from miamisburg by matt

Comment: New laws will have no positive effect on curbing gun violence only creating a batch of new laws that the criminals will ignore and weaken the law abiding citizen the ability to defend themselves. Need to arm the teachers to protect our children and do away with gun free zones. Support the NRA, not the joker and his bunions in the White House. from Kettering, Ohio by John

Comment: I absolutely disagree with the President's attempt to exploit the tragedy in CT to further his personal agenda with changes that would not have changed the outcome of the aforementioned tragedy, anyway. The checks and balances are built into the constitution for a reason. He thinks he has free reign to do as he pleases because he was elected but he's not listening to those who elected him who out and out disagree with him. He is becoming narcissistic and not following the will of the people whom he SERVES not rules. from springfield, oh by jayne

Comment: To quote the NRA; "Only honest, law-abiding gun owners will be affected and our children will remain vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy" from Miamisburg, Oh by Gary

Comment: None of his proposed actions would have prevented the mass killings. Only sane law abiding citizens would be effected by the proposals. from Miamisburg, Oh by Gary

Comment: His proposal does nothing to curb gun violence. Criminals and the mentally unstable could and would get guns when they want them. Also, there is no good way to define an "assault rifle". Any multiple round firearm could do the same damage as the one used at Sandy Hook. from Miamisburg, Ohio by Ruth

Comment: Long past due... from Dayton,Ohio by Jo Ann

Comment: No, the idea of the government imposing arbitrary meaningless restrictions on firearms would shame our founders. from Dayton by Dave

Comment: Does not address security on our schools. Sign petition to increase security on our schools in Ohio. from Columbus/ Ohio by Rolly

Comment: why don;t he stop the baby killing Dr.s That aborts babys? from Englewood oh. by LB

Comment: Totally worthless. from kettering by bob

Comment: Gun ownership in the United States is a right, and anything infringing on the rights of the citizens is simply wrong. The next thing to go will be freedom of speech, and we will have Government controlled news to steer us in the direction our leaders wish. from Urbana, Ohio by Jon

Comment: as soon as he gives up his secret service agents guns and leaves himself unprotected just like he wants every american to be from dayton by james

Comment: Russia it is illegal to own a hand gun but they have twice the murder rate. So tell me how this helps other than to try a get the guns from the legal gun owner. from Springfield/Ohio by Keith

Comment: This will not curb crime it will just take those who follow the law and put more restrictions on them. If your going to commit a crime, do you care about the law in the first place? Not to mention, it is not the presidents job to create laws, that is the legislative branch, Congress! from Dayton,OH by Mark

Comment: Does he really think criminals and psychos will obey 'any' gun laws? This is part of his agenda to remake America into what he thinks we should be. Sadly, Sandy Hook fit right into his plans. from Fairborn, OH by David

Comment: Why not urge restrictions on video games that contain guns and violence? from Centerville, OH by Lin

Comment: All individuals that attack others do not follow the law. Therefore, no paperwork is going to eliminate the horror they spread. The only way to stop this evil is to take personal responsibility for safety. This means that parents should demand armed support in schools and all crowded areas. from fairborn/ohio by Tim

Comment: Criminals don't go through legal channels to get guns!! The shooter in CT. Got his guns for his mother who had them legally so more laws won't help. THINK, legislators, for a better solution, don't waste your time just making up frivolous laws. We didn't send you to Washington to be stupid! from pringfield, Ohio by Cathy

Comment: We should have background checks for guns. The arguments on the other side don't justify doing nothing. The President acted because the do-nothing Congress will take no action on another important issue. The NRA came out and said it before the president's press conference. from Clayton by Greg Smith

Comment: this wont stop the true criminals from obtaining the "banned" items. from Dayton by Eric

Comment: Guns are not the problem, criminals are why punish the law abiding citizens by tearing down the secound amendment. from Vandalia,Ohio by Shawn

Comment: Their are too many guns on the street already, so stricter gun law's will make no difference. What happened to the second amendment? Our four Father's aready rolling in graves shame on you Obama from Arcanum Ohio by Jeremy

Comment: This is senseless and another example of how out of touch our president is with how to stop criminals. Here's a thought, maybe we should NOT GIVE guns to CRIMINALS, Fast and Furious? from Middletown/OH by Julie

Comment: wont help from springfild by jor

Comment: This is just another step toward disarming law abiding citizens. It won't stop here. Most importantly, these changes will not prevent other terrible tragedies. from Laura/Ohio by Chris

Comment: Did you know that there are more murders caused by baseball bats in the US, and Columbine happened during the last assault rifle ban? from Miamitownship, OH by Jeremy

Comment: crimminals will always get nguns and high cap magazines from Ohio by Anthony

Comment: All he will accomplish is turning honest law abiding citizens into criminals! The real criminals won't be registering anything... he is kidding himself. from Sidney / OH by ByteMe

Comment: There is no way to enforce background checks for personal sales. There are millions of what is labeled as assault rifles owned, these actions have only substantially increased the value for personal sales. A "black market" for firearms is being created. The real issue is mental health where federal funding has been reduced but those folks affected due not have high voter turnout so that is not a major political concern from Dayton, OH by DeShaun

Comment: Many of those who use guns to commit mass killings and even murder were law abiding citizens before they used their weapon to become a criminal. from Dayton by Parker

Comment: First thing there is no such thing as an ASSAULT RIFLE. It is a rifle until someone uses it to assault someone. Second the Ban in 94 did nothing to stop columbine and Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws and look at the number of shootings that take place there.... from Greens Fork, In by Matt

Comment: I don’t think it’s so much a gun issue as it is an issue of lost values and morals in our society. People seem to have lost their moral compass. There’s lack of respect for authority and a double standard that rewards unscrupulous behavior. We as a society must take some responsibility for not instilling values. from Vandalia/Ohio by Tom

Comment: The presidents plan will not deter the criminals from getting guns. If anyone wants a gun bad enough they will find a way to get one. from Xenia by Patricia

Comment: The criminal backgroud checks are appropriate but with the HIPA act they are not permitted to do any medical backgroud checks so people with mental illness are open to buy anything they want. The gun is the medium, the proplem is the people. from Tipp City, Ohio by Gary Lackey

Comment: This administration is weak by Bernard, springboro,ohio

Comment: It is an abuse of power, again!!!!!!! Criminals and the mentally disturbed will always find a way to do their terrible deeds. All a power grab! from Ohio by Eric

Comment: His action does nothing more than punish law abiding citizens. There are other, much better ways to address this problem than what his self-centered coward has done. from Miamisburg/Ohio by Tom

Comment: I wonder if Obama would be as political if a deranged bus driver drove a bus load of kids over a cliff? from st paris by eugene

Comment: Deaths caused by firearms is extremely minimal compared to almost any other means but it receives the most publicity by a liberalized media. This is an example of a President with an agenda that has been looking for an opportunity to attempt to have all guns registered to result in a total firearms ban. Interesting how this is one of the first things done in a second term with little action taken in previous school related shootings if that were the motive for Obama's action. from Trotwood by Jerome

Comment: Emotions should not rule over facts and common sense. The proposed changes will not prevent nor likely reduce future incidents. Law abiding citizens should be able to defend themselves with the same guns and magazines that criminals will always have. Guns save thousands of lives every year. Allowing guns in schools by trained and licensed people would do more to help. from Beavercreek, OH by Dick

Comment: The presidents plan will not deter the criminals from getting guns. If anyone wants a gun bad enough they will find a way to get one. from Xenia by Patricia

Comment: The president is using the emotional fallout from the tragedy in Newtown to overstep his authority, violate the Constitution, and continue chipping away at the freedom of law-abiding citizens. All in the name of "protecting children." To put it mildly,it is simply despicable. He has single-handedly destroyed the dignity of the American presidency. from Dayton, OH by C

Comment: Some of the places in the US with the strictest gun laws have the most crimes with guns, including murder. We do not need more gun laws we need to enforce the ones we have. I would hate the thought of not being able to protect my family. Wake up America. from Kettering, Ohio by Roger

Comment: When has outlawing something ever worked in America? Alcohol in the days of prohibition, and narcotics. All outlawing something that Americans want ever dos is guaranty that the money from it goes to organized crime, gangs, and various other criminals. Who wood you rather that money go to those mentioned above or reputable firearm dealers. from Wapakoneta Ohio by Rodger

Comment: Just another way to waste money we dont have. How about use the 500 billion on the war on DRUGS! They kill people everyday! from Franklin, Ohio by Steve

Comment: If the 2nd Amendment falls the other Amendments won't be far behind. from Sidney, Ohio by Dave

Comment: if you want an assault weapon. join the army from huber heights oh by maryann

Comment: it wont change anything!!! bad guys will still have guns. from Dayton Ohio by Austin

Comment: criminals will still get weapons and the mentally ill will kill with what ever they have handy from Beavercreek, Oh by Ray

Comment: These common sense changes will not "punish" law-abiding citizens from purchasing guns for self-defense or hunting. The 2nd Amendment calls for this right to bear arms to be "well regulated," which is what these changes will finally do. from Kettering, OH by Nick

Comment: No one needs assault rifles or large clips to hunt or defend themselves. Many NRA members stand to lose a lot of money if this ban goes through. This is why they are so vocal. This bill is not taking all guns away! from Dayton, OH by Mary

Comment: Why don't the Progressive Democrats allow Church back in school to teach our children - future adults - about morals, right from wrong, how to treat your fellow man, etc. instead of constantly trying to regulate & limit the rights of citizens. This is not a gun problem, it's a cultural/societal problem. Gun control is a band-aide that let's the politicians say doing something. from Union City, IN by Wade

Comment: Gun registration and other controls (except background checks), where already implemented, have proven to not be a help in deterring or catching criminals. Law-abiding citizens with guns are the best deterrent, and we should not be forced to defend ourselves and loved ones with only reduced-capacity magazines. The less that law-abiding citizens are armed, criminals flourish more. from Beavercreek, OH by Bev

Comment: i agree with the second ammendment... leave it alone ! by granny

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