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WKEF-TV ABC 22 News :: News - Waste Watch

WASTE WATCH: Miami Township Paying Fired Trustee for a Year

MIAMI TOWNSHIP -- Shelling out thousands of your tax dollars, to pay a man for a job, he hasn't done in months.

Waste Watch Reporter Liza Danver investigated why the township administrator is still getting his full salary, even though he no longer holds the position.

The trustees voted to terminate the contract with the township administrator in February, but they are still paying him for the rest of the year.  Since that vote, The Waste Watch team has been calling their office, leaving numerous messages for them to call back because we wanted to know why they approved of a measure that appears to be a waste of your tax money.  Well they never called back so we showed up at to a public meeting Tuesday night where they had to face our cameras.

Former administrator Greg Hanahan had been with Miami Township since 2002.  But last month township trustees suddenly terminated his employment contract.  They say it was a mutual agreement and one in which Hanahan gets paid his full salary of more than $100,000 for the rest of the year, using your tax dollars.

"Why not just keep Mr. Hanahan on board as the administrator since you're still paying him for the rest of the year? asked Waste Watch Reporter Liza Danver.

"We had some issues that came up.  We needed an administrator here. We needed to move forward in a expeditious fashion," said Trustee Pres. Deborah Preston.

Trustees have already hired an interim replacement, who's also paid with tax money.

"We are adhering to the terms of the contract and that's what that required," said Preston.

Trustees say replacing Hanahan was the best thing for the township even though they have to pay two people to do one job.  We tried to contact Hanahan for comment, but we weren't able to reach him.WASTE WATCH: Miami Township Paying Fired Trustee for a Year


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