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WKEF-TV ABC 22 News :: Community - Cool Schools - Kiser Elementary

Kiser Elementary

With technology at the forefront of many classrooms, we're starting to see Miami Valley schools pushing toward unvonventional ways of learning. Hilary Zalla visits Kiser Elementary in Dayton where creative teaching is growing and learning is not just confined to a desk
The music starts playing, the white board turns into a dance video, and this classroom is transformed.
It's 10 oclock in the morning and before anyone sits down at a desk, these students get their bodies movin!
This is a special needs class and Intervention Specialist Betsy Brooks says this activity is important to having a productive day of learning. "It gets them activeand gets their brains active and gets their brains moving and excited to learn"
Next door is Shane Magill's 8th grade art class.
 "the kids today are working on a mural" "you spoon info out and repeat it out, well we didn't want to do that in art. in art we give them info and synthesize new ideas and create visible project"
At Kiser Elementary School, no matter what kind of kid you're working with...even special needs...the approach to learning is hands on and creativity is encouraged.
Back in the dancing room, I decided to join into a favorite-- the Chocolatte dance!
"this is a workout!"
"they love it and have favorite songs like I want to do this song!"

An unconventional start to the day, but a unique learning concept that seems to work for Kiser students. Kiser Elementary

Friday, August 2 2013, 11:11 PM EDT

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